PMT-100 series units are magnetic pulse generators. They are currently in use every day in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France and Brazil.

Please note that there are many Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices available in the market ranging in price from $250 to $60,000 (USD); although they do provide the benefits of electro-magnetic therapy they are merely toys in comparison to the POWER & EFFECTIVENESS of our units.

About Magnetic Field Strength: Unlike other systems that produce extremely weak magnetic fields, a major advantage of our systems is their enhanced magnetic field strength (about 1,000 times more powerful), which substantially improves treatment results. The systems are completely safe with absolutely no side effects.

Other PEMF systems generate fields that the range is much too weak to provide any significant therapeutic effect. This is because it is a basic principal in physics that a stronger magnetic field will overpower or cancel out a weaker magnetic field. Since the earth’s magnetic field is stronger than the output of these weaker systems so they can provide only minimal, if any real therapeutic effect. Our PEMF units are the most powerful and technologically advanced systems in the world and they’re made here in the USA. Use of our PEMF devices by your clients, patients, or yourself will open new treatment horizons. Use this exciting New Modality and realize an Additional Revenue Stream.


1) PMT-100
Office/Home Model
Table Top or Floor Stand
height: 15.9″
width: 9.5″
dephts: 4.7″
weight: 16.5 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 19,200G per pulse
TESLA: 1.92T per pulse
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz
Most popular with Practitioner


2) PMT-100AT
All Terrain
height: 40″
width: 20″
dephts: 9″
weight: 25 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 19,200G per pulse
TESLA: 1.92T per pulse
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz


3) PMT-100P
height: 21.7″
width: 14.1″
dephts: 8.9″
weight: 23 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 19,200G per pulse
TESLA: 1.92T per pulse
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz
Most popular with professional athletes & trainers


  1. Marv Whitaker says:

    I am trying to find out pricing for your machines for private home use

  2. ron patterson says:

    Please give me a quotation on the PMT100 unit

  3. Sam says:

    How much is the PMT-100?

  4. Hi,
    I am wondering what the cost is of your pemf machines.
    Niloo Dardashti, PsyD, HHP

  5. Daniel Weber says:

    Where may I get session to experience? I am in Sydney ustralia but I will also be in the US west coast in April. Seattle, Portland, SF, LA and SD.

  6. Donna Briggs says:

    Hello – The information you provide on the machines is very interesting. I am wondering if there is any one in New York City who is using your machine. I’d love to try it.

    Do you allow rentals on your PMT-100 units? If so, how does that work.

    Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you! Donna Briggs MS, LMT, LAc.

  7. Dr. Cecil Catapang says:

    Greetings! I represent an Anti-aging organization of MDs in the Philippines and Age Mangement being a relatively new venture in our country slowly we are introducing anti-aging treatment modalities to our collegues in our organization.
    Come March 28, 2012, the ESAAM (European Society of Anti-aging) will be coming to Manila to conduct a workshop in the various treatment protocols for anti-aging.This is in line with the organozation’s effort to propagate integrative approaches in Age Management.
    I have read the value of PEMF to health and anti-aging and I was wondering if we can request for a lecturer on the said topic, and how much will it cost us?
    Also, I read in the FACT Forum that you lease the equipment in the US at USD500.00 a month, will you be open to offering the same benefits to our practitioners in the Philippines?
    I hope to hear from you as we are very much interested to learn PEMF.

  8. ralph says:

    where can you buy one and how much?

  9. Randye says:

    What is the cost of your office/home model?

  10. Brandon Black says:

    I am interested in purchasing a PEMF machine. Please send me information on the price of the units. Thank you.

    Dr. Brandon D. Black

  11. patricia says:

    I’m interested in this electromagnetic divise. please call me at 808-282-8632

  12. Paul van Meerendonk, MD says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    I am a medical doctor from the Netherlands (Europe) and participant of the FACT forum.
    I would like to order a PEMF device. Is it possible to purchase a device from you?
    At the moment I lease a device called PER2000, which has a PEMF modality too, but it makes a lot of noise and the output is variable.
    Could I contact you about your device? What is the cost?
    Best wishes,
    Paul van Meerendonk, MD

  13. I had a simple Rt mastectomy with lymph node removal Oct 2011. The first 4 months following surgery I had slight edema in my arm. It has increased significantly the last 3 weeks. Some of this is due to generalized body edema. I am still going thru chemo (4 more treatments remaining)which I think is contributing to this problem. I am wondering if this machine would help with the swelling in my arm. Thanks for any feedback you have.

  14. Marit Meerman says:

    Dear staff at gordonresearch,do you ship to the Netherlands? Is there a business opportunity for selling in Europe? Kind regards, Marit Meerman.

  15. Jim Cross, N.D., L. Ac. says:

    What are the prices for the units, please? Thanks!

  16. Chandra Higginbotham says:

    What are the costs of these devices?

  17. Jerry Stine NC says:

    Can you get me some references especially on injury/surgery recovery and athletic recovery and performance. I would also like cost information – of the machines and any consumables expended in its use (if any).


    Jerry Stine NC
    Director Lifespan Institute
    415 883-9033

  18. Jerry Stine NC says:

    Do know of a practicioner in the Marin County or California area. Zip codes 94901, 94949 are local area. The main towns are San Rafael, Novato. This is not too far from San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland.

    Pleas email me back or call Jerry Stine at Lifespan Institute at 415 883-9033.



  19. Esther Alare says:

    WHERE IS THE MACHINE -PEMF-100 sold and what is the cost

  20. I am a licensed MD in private practice in Hawaii. How can I get one of these machines? Through you or direct through another vendor? Thank You!

  21. Carol Von Herbulis says:

    I am interested in purchasing a unit but don’t see any price listing. Is a machine available to the public for purchase?

    Thank you,
    Carol Von Herbulis

  22. Kathy Turner says:

    Please provide the cost of the PMT-100P machine; I regularly get PEMF therapy treatments and am considering the purchase of a home unit.

    Thank you

  23. Joe VanDerveer says:

    I am interested in prices and may have some questions as well.


  24. Goodday,

    i’m a naturopath and !’ve had an braintumor when 1 was 14 ,prognosed for 3 months and then live would be over, they couldn’t do surgergy or anything else, only a drain for the liquid.
    So i went to a naturopath, got a strict diet, foodsupplements and within 1,5 years the braintumor was gone.
    At that point it was clear for me what i want to do in life.

    In my office i work a lot with incurrable patients, also cancer.

    i’m curious at your machines, could you provide me more information?

    Thank you very much,

    With regards,

    Stefán Gyarmathy

  25. Very interested in obtaining a machine. have read about PEMF machines for years.

  26. marlene says:

    Hello how much do the machines cost? Why choose one over anther?

    New to PEMF but very interested.

    Live near Seattle, WA



  27. I would like the know the price of the PMT-100.

    Thank YOu,

    Maria Franzese, NC

  28. dr chamberlain says:

    So, how much are they?

  29. Terry Vanderheyden, ND says:

    looking for pricing on the PEMF units. ty

    Terry Vanderheyden, ND
    Bayside Naturopathic Medicine
    Barry’s Bay Canada

  30. Syd Hatch says:


    I’m interested in purchasing the PMT-100 and would like to know the price with shipping costs to
    Western Australia


    Syd Hatch

  31. May I have some more details on application , cost, of the machine?

  32. do you happen to have any used machines for a significant discount?

    or have some available for rent?

    it appears there are no practitioners near enough to me to use as a patient.

    I am extremely ill with secondary addisons disease, several autoimmune disorders and severe degenerated (discsa) and spinal disease…as well as thymus cancer metasticized to lungs, hence not able to drive far from residence.

    severe pain from spine and sacral area prevents driving or sitting for any but the shortest length of time

  33. Tong-Shen Wang says:

    I am a neurosurgery fron Taiwan. I want to known how to buy it and how much is it?
    Thank you
    Tong-Shen Wang
    +886 937909901
    78, Wei-Yang Rd, Lu-Tong Township, Yi-Lan County, Taiwan.

  34. candice boyer says:

    I am interested in buying a unit please send me contact information for sales department
    and pricelist.

    Dr. boyer

  35. Dallas says:

    Cost? How to purchase

  36. alexander m. krych says:

    interested in the prices of the pmt-100. also additional information on it’s applications and use. thank you.

    alexander m. krych

  37. Interested in pricing. Newly diagnosed breast cancer.

    Elise Averdick FNP

  38. Chuck Lai says:

    Hi, i would like to inquire the quotation of the PMT-100 Office/Home Mode, and could you give me the catalog, and also i need to know the usage instruction, and the place of production
    Otherwise, does every machine has a power cord?
    I really interested in your product, so please reply to my mail ASAP.
    Appreciate it!

    Best Regards
    Chuck Lai

    Andyson International co,. Ltd
    賴士涵 Chuck Lai
    Tel:02-2662-6259 Ext:118
    Add:222 新北市深坑區北深路三段151號3樓
    3F., No.151, Sec. 3, Beishen Rd., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 22203, Taiwan
    SKYPE: andysonet-sales07

  39. My father has cancer & I was interested in either purchasing one of these PEMF units or leasing one. Can you send me pricing information on this? If there is a clinic where I can take him in the area in which I live, I could do that as well.

    Any helpful information that you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Conny Simpson

  40. Richard Ha says:

    I am interested in purchasing a PEMF device as I have Stage IV colorectal cancer with bone metastases. If you could please contact me back as soon as possible in regards to pricing it would much appreciated. If needed, I can provide medical reports of CT scans, PET scans, MRI, BMD, and X-ray results to help provide further insight on my ailments and malignancies.

    With regards,

    Richard Ha

  41. Stephanie O. says:


    I’m interested in learning more about this. My Dad has severe chronic back pain in L4, L5 and S1 particularly while he’s sitting and standing. It appears that we have tried just about everything and that we may have narrowed it down that his pain stems from his nerves. Would this help him? This was recommended to him by Dr. Oz. We are game to try anything at this point!

    Thank you,


  42. Alison Lee says:

    Hi I was wondering how much is the machine. I have chronic fatigue will it help? Is there any practioners in Australia using it?



  43. stef hart says:

    hi doctor gordon,

    would you kindly send me a quote on the first two machines. I’ve been ill since 5 years old. I know am 43, and I would love to get off my meds and get a life. Thank You,Stef Hart

  44. quan haduong says:

    i am a pain specialist and a4m graduate and is interested in learning how i can utilize the machine in the clinic especially the marketing part of the program. let me know.
    quanhaduong, m.d.

  45. Robert Heidenreich says:

    I would like the same information that Conny asked for.

  46. Lalit Oberoi says:

    This is very interesting and has huge potential. I was wondering if different organs in body have different frequencies and is 9.6 Hz the frequency for recovery as well as in pathology? How is the decision on frequency made in different conditions and different patients? Is the Field intensity very crucial factor?

  47. Dr. Lucjan Shila says:

    I have quite a bit of experience using the PapImi device which, by the way, claims a gauss of 50,000. How do these units compare?

  48. What is the cost of your home model? Is this the whole kit or are there any attachments?

  49. MARIAN says:




  50. I am interested in purchasing a PEMF machine. Please send me information on the price of the units.
    Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

  51. John says:

    I would also like pricing of the machine and information on local clinics where this therapy is available.
    Thank you.

  52. Joel says:

    Please furnish me with pricing for the unit (home use) along with local clinics (Plano/Frisco, TX) that utilize this therapy. Thank you in advance.

  53. Please send the price of each unit.
    Thank you

  54. Dr Madlene Sawyer says:

    What is the cost of a PMT – 100 machine

  55. Lisa Marie Price says:

    Please send me information on the cost of the different machines and also any clinics in the Washington DC or Maryland that use them.

  56. Dave says:

    Interested in pmt100AT. Please forward pricing info. Also, is renting an option?

  57. Habin says:

    I am interested in the cost of your 3 PMT units.
    I am a Doctor and FACT member.
    Many thanks,Best wishes.

  58. sharon says:

    I’d like the price of your PMT100.Thanks

  59. Dr. Robin says:

    1. Please let me know the price of the PMT-100 and PMT-100AT machines.

    2. Please advise a list of practitioners who provide sessions in San Jose, CA and Tempe/Gilbert/Mesa/Chandler/Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ.

    3. Can you also confirm the Gauss rating of the machine. Dr. Pawluk puts the Gauss at 1920 on his website.

    4. I notice the intensity dial only goes from “-” to “+”, with no indicators on the precise Gauss output. Do your present machines have that mentioned / clarified?

    5. Do the above mentioned 2 models come with a mattress as well? What is its Gauss rating? If not, is one available and at what cost.

    6. Where are you located? Please send me your contact details.


  60. richard beasley says:

    Please give me a quote for the 100 office model for my internal medicine practice.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I am very interested in purchasing PEMF equipment from you. Would you please send me pricing information and any product literature on your machines to me via email. Also, any information on how your equipment differs from your nearest rivals would really help us make a decision.

    I would really appreciate it.

  62. Billie says:

    Am interested in a machine for home use that will be effective for various health conditions and also where in Dallas/ Ft. Worth area there are Drs
    who use the machines

  63. Jennifer Gaudet says:

    I am interesting in purchasing a PMT 100 or possibly renting one. Also, what doctor in the area of Thibodaux LA (70301) might have one in their office?

  64. bryon lussier says:

    I am interested in purchasing a PMT-100 and was wondering the price of it and ordering procedures, as I could not find that info on your site. Thanks, Bryon.

  65. Don says:

    please send me more information

  66. Shirley Jacobson says:

    Is this machine similar in function to Dr. Tennant’s Biomodulator? Does it have the same capabilities? Is there anyone demonstrating it in the Seattle area?

    • admin says:

      PEMF is NOT LIKE THE BIOMODULATOR. IT works at a far deeper level. THE PMT -100 that many doctors are using can be seen at MANY MEDICAL CONFERENCES
      THERE is no distributor in the SEATTLE AREA. GO to and see amazing success stories on YOU TUBE. THAT includes dramatic recoveries in PARKINSON’s DISEASE, AUTISM, AND recovering from GUILLIAN -BARRE paralysis after 8 years. THERE are documented cases where PEMF regenerated the heart avoiding the need for HEART TRANSPLANT
      GO TO GOOGLE and study PEMF to learn more.

  67. sofia padilla says:

    What is the cost/?

  68. ignacio says:

    Hello, i want to know prices of the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices, many thanks.

  69. Nutrionist says:

    Hi – Looking for pricing information on the PEMF machines please.

  70. Yacine says:


    I would like to know if the pmt-100 machine is available in the area of Montreal, Canada? Is there any practitioner, medical center or someone outside the medical field that offers treatment with the pmt-100 machine? Also, what’s you’re rental price for Montreal?

  71. Interested in more information on PEMF and equipment and rental/lease/sales

  72. Lois Hartman says:

    I have the same question as everyone else, How much does a machine cost?

  73. Trey Lott, MD says:

    What is the difference between the PMT-100 class of machines and the PEMF 4000 machine. I am looking to buy a PEMF machine soon.

  74. Trey Lott, MD says:

    Do you have a 30 or 60 day rental fee for the machines so I can evaluate their effectiveness in my office.

  75. Marlin says:

    What is the price on the pmt 100 and pmt 100P? Also do you rent them?

  76. Brent Smith says:

    Hi, I am looking for pricing on the PEMF machines. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  77. ann says:


    Please could you give me a quotation for the PMF 100 office/home model. It has been recommended for helping with blood viscosity. I am not a practitioner so I am hoping to be able to use at home.

  78. Bob says:

    Please provide names of the qualified practitioners in the San Jose/Santa Clara/Sunnyvale, California area. Thank you.

  79. Rosie says:

    Please send prices for the different models.

    Many thanks

  80. heidi says:

    I would like information and pricing or rent to own scenarios provided for review on the pemf-100.
    Thank you ,


  81. Anne Ruhs says:

    Hello. I am interested in knowing if there are any practitioners in the Chicago area that utilize the machine. I would love to try it. Also interested in cost of rental or rent to own programs.
    Thanks for any help.
    Anne Rush

  82. Dr. Luis Martinez says:

    I am an AntiAging Physician. Please email me regarding PEMF lease. Thanks

  83. I would like to know the costs to purchasing a unit.

    Thank You
    Dr. Bill

  84. Stephen Savage says:

    Prices please

  85. Rebecca says:

    Please forward the pricing for these machines and thank you

  86. Goog morning,

    My company is specialized in electromagnetic therapy devices, we distribute in both hospitals and home use market. Item more we are opening our own center for electromagnetic healing. We have devices with output range from few mT up to 3 Tesla (rTMS), I have read your information and documents and like very much your background. Your devices look very good and I wonder if you have CEE distributors and price list for exports. We are very interested in deal with you.

    Kind regards

    Juan C. D. Siemens

  87. Rick Movius says:

    Please send me pricing on PMT-100. Also, do you have any a small unit, my wife and I saw something that Dr. Gordon said in one of his seminars was inserted into the nose and it sounded like a small unit.

    Thank you

  88. Joseph says:

    How much does the PMT- 100 machine cost?

    Thank you

  89. kate says:

    Im trying to get a quote for the home unit

  90. Ann Robb MD says:

    Dr Gordon
    I am interested in pricing and also if there are payment arrangements available.
    Thanks very much

  91. Robert says:


    I’ve tried the PMT 100 unit about 8 times over several months and have had good results. However, I feel I need to buy one so I can use it more often for some of my chronic conditions such as arthritis.

    How much is the home based unit and how much is the regular unit?

    Also, are any of the specs different? Please inform me of the performance specs too.

    How long is the warranty good for?


  92. Jacob Jaglarski says:

    I was interested in using/purchasing a PEMF device for personal neurological issues as well as aiding in my younger brothers recovery from various autoimmune diseases. I’d love some information, thanks!

  93. Kathleen Masterson says:

    Possibly interested in PMT 100. Kindly supply me with the cost. For home use, is it as effective as the office model. Arthritis in my right hand is the reason for my interest. Thank you.

  94. jim reed says:

    please provide pricing for PMT100, PMT100AT AND PMT100P


  95. Christine says:

    Pricing please, especially lease.

  96. Donna says:

    I was wondering if I could receive information on your machines and also what the cost would be for them.

    Thank You,

  97. Paul E. Clinco M.D. says:

    Please send complete info on ordering, pricing, and shipping for all units.
    Do you have a retail store in the Phoenix AZ area?
    Thank you.

    Paul E.. Clinco M.D.

  98. Loretta says:

    Please send information on ordering, price and shipping for all units.

    Also, please send a list of practitioners who are using your machines in the Houston TX area.



  99. Burton says:

    Dr. Pawluk highly recommends your machine, yet he lists it at producing 1,920 Gauss, not 19,200 Gauss. Whom is correct? Claims of 19,200 Gauss seem extreme given the 2 amp draw of the PEMF 120. MRI machines operating at 20,000 gauss require huge capacitors cooled by liquid nitrogen. I believe in the technology, but before I make such a substantial investment, I need clarification on the claim of 1.92 teslas / 19,200 Gauss. If you do indeed produce 19,200 Gauss, it is not doing you any good to be listed at 1,920 gauss on Dr Pawluk’s website which is the number 1 PEMF authority on the web.

    Please Clarify

  100. Ari Idan says:

    I am using in the clinic a Chinese device, which is a professional one for hospital use, and I get amazing results, with diabetes patients, kidney diseases,neurological issues, endocrine disorders and more. it produces 180W output, at 20 to 50 hertz, depending on setting. What is the output of your devices? what are the prices? please send info. I recommend to every clinician to have such a treatment option. It is useful for so many conditions, even cancer.

  101. Brian Logan says:

    Is the PEMF a RIFE machine? Please send me the price to rent the PEMF 100. We live just outside of Wasahington DC.

    My wife tried this machine at her doctor’s office this week and they charged her NINETY dollars for NINE minutes.

  102. Connie Vandiver says:

    I would like to know the cost for the machines that can be used at home.

    Thank you,

    Connie Vandiver

  103. Mr. Yunes says:

    I would like to receive pricing information for the equipment.

  104. Ruth Stambaugh says:

    What are the prices of your machines?

  105. Melody Gillett says:

    Please email me with the pricing for the PMT 100 and shipping to Houston, Texas. What is its efficacy for Lyme related disease; perhaps diabetes II; congestive heart failure patients.
    Thank you,
    MJC Gillett

  106. Janet Tucker says:

    Hello. Can you please give me information on the home unit, warranty and cost? Thank you. Janet

  107. Glenn Williams, D.C., LAc says:

    I’m interested in the $40 unit (designed to be tossed after about 700 hours of battery power) mentioned in a recent group email. How do I find out more? Thanks.

  108. Summer says:

    Could you tell me how much the pemf 100 costs? Summer

  109. Janina says:

    Can I please get quotes for the various machines? I understand they are quite pricey. Are you able to recommend any alternative devices that are more affordable for home users but similar to your machines?
    Thank you

  110. carla says:

    interested in finding out price.

  111. Kat Wiechert says:

    Please send me pricing information for the machines.
    Thank you,
    Kat Wiechert

  112. Connie says:

    What is the price of the PMT-100P?

  113. DANI says:

    Please include pricing on all products including, coils and mats if available.

    Thank you.

  114. Barry Hunt says:

    Please send me pricing for your machines for home use.

  115. Vicky says:

    I am looking to get a machine to treat post mastectomy for any metastasised cells. Is this machine appropriate? and what is the cost ? I am in Australia

  116. PB says:

    Please give me the prices for each machine that you offer. Thank you.

  117. Oliver says:


    Can you send me the prices for your machines? Thanks…

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